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Purple kush

Purple Kush strain

Our Purple Kush Strain is an Indica dream come true. Very rare this Indica strain is 100% pure bliss. This exact cannabis seed originates from California and is a hybrid of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Probably the best looking marijuana plant on the market, neon green buds, bright deep purple fiery orange hairs. Just a joy to look at. Along with color comes great taste. Grapes, dessert wine or purple cough syrup, our Purple Kush Strain will challenge your taste buds. The THC value is at a very high level of 22%. This very popular cannabis seed is a must have in your collection.

The history of Purple Kush is hazy.

There are two conflicting accounts of where the original Purple Kush seeds came from. The first claim is that Purple Kush was born in Oakland, California at the renowned Oaksterdam Institute. Alternatively, another story claims that the original Purple Kush seeds were bred in British Columbia, Canada. However, the genetic backbone of Purple Kush seeds is clear. The Purple Kush strain was created by crossing two hard-hit regional indies – Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Purple Kush is technically a hybrid, but it is a 100% pure indica hybrid that boasts the qualities of a Landrace Kush. Since its release, Purple Kush seeds have offered growers around the world a glimpse of pure cannabis. Every quality of the Purple Kush strain expresses its harsh origins. Although not a polished hybrid, the Purple Kush strain has won awards and remains a staple cannabis strain among medical marijuana patients. Sadly, there are many copycats that want to bask in Purple Kush’s reputation, such as Las Vegas Purple Kush. Continue reading this review if you want to find genuine Purple Kush seeds.

In addition, High Times magazine voted Purple Kush among the 10 most powerful strains in the world. When we search the globe for seeds, we make sure we get the exact seed that comes from this ranking. Due to its 100% Indica properties, our Purple Kush Strain should be used just before bedtime. So smooth and at the same time powerful that you won’t even be able to count your sheep.

Effects of Purple Kush

Of course, Purple Kush is great for insomnia, general relaxation and anxiety. Many sleeping pills leave you waking up in the middle of the night. No, Purple Kush, you won’t even have to wake up again to go back to sleep. This is for the whole night. Not only is this great strain great for insomnia, but it’s also perfect for full body pain relief. Acute, chronic pain will disappear once you try this top ten rated strain. Depression, muscle spasms, anxiety, stress, pain, this is a great way to treat your symptoms. We guarantee the genetics of all our cannabis seeds, this is one to add to your marijuana seed collection.

How does Purple Kush grow?

Purple Kush is not ideal for brand new growers. However, many beginners have been able to achieve great growth with this strain. Our Purple Kush strain is best grown indoors if you can control the humidity and temperature. Indoor yields are approximately 400 grams per plant. Outdoor yields are also around 300 grams. Many look to see how much they can grow from one plant. However, it is better to keep an eye on the quality of the strain, as each bud will have more punch than volume. So always keep that in mind because some strains like this one can be quality over volume. Purple Kush is a short plant that is ideal for the home, but its stunning color will brighten up any room. Purple Kush must be cold shocked just before harvest to activate its colorful buds and leaves. Once you are in the bud drying phase, hang the buds upside down for a week at 50% humidity. In addition, the flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. Finally, Purple Kush requires a dry climate and is best grown in mid-September.

Purple Kush feminized seeds

Feminized Purple Kush seeds come from crossing Afghani and Hindu strains such as Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. Both are heirloom strains, perfectly stabilized and highly resistant. Purple Kush from Buddha Seeds is like a trip back to the 90s, when these strains were just starting to become popular in Dutch pharmacies and veteran seedbanks started surprising hybrids of these strains.

What is Purple Kush like?

Purple Kush is an Indica-dominant strain, so it develops a structure typical of this Cannabis family. According to Buddha Seeds, these seeds produce bushy, compact plants with short internodal spacing and a proliferation of large, hard buds. The bank states that this is a resinous strain because the Afghan and Indian tribes are exposed to natural conditions where they have to produce a lot of resin as a means of protection from the elements. This strain has a very short flowering time of only 60 days. This is achieved through the genetic heritage of Purple Kush. For outdoor cultivation, this strain is said to be ready to harvest one to two weeks after the end of summer. It is also stated that Purple Kush has no special needs and that even a beginner can grow it successfully.

Purple Kush production

One of the great advantages of Purple Kush Buddha Seeds is its high yield. The manufacturer states that this strain can produce indoor yields of up to 580 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoors, yields increase considerably to 900 to 1500 grams per plant.

The most common effects

The feminized Purple Kush from Seeds could, as a proper Indica, mainly produce relaxing effects, so it fits perfectly into the night program. This Seeds does not offer cannabinoid concentration data, although they state that their Purple Kush has pleasant and appetite-inducing effects.

Organoleptic properties

Finally, tasters describe the variety as having a berry flavor that combines with earthy and hashish notes. A wonder for the senses, it stands out among the sweetest seeds with full terpene profiles.

Characteristics of the Purple Kush strain

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Indica dominant hybrid.
  • Genetics: Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush
  • Cannabinoids: Not reported
  • Height: Medium
  • Flowering: 60 days indoors and outdoors harvest early October.
  • Yield: Up to 480 g/m2 indoors and up to 1500 grams per plant outdoors
  • Planting: Spring or year-round with artificial lighting.

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