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Trainwreck Feminized is one of the most striking strains available at buycannabisaustralia. It’s aptly named Trainwreck because it has the ability to enter your brain with the force of a freight train. This strain is a sativa dominant hybrid. The indica sativa ratio is about 20/80. Trainwreck comes from Mexican and Thai sativa parents with Afghani indica genetics. So it’s no wonder how this strain got its very strong genetics. The feminized aspect of the seeds means that the plant will only produce plants that flower as females.

The high THC content of the Trainwreck strain causes the high to start with an intense cerebral rush, stimulating feelings of euphoria, encouraging creativity and bringing a sense of overall well-being. The presence of indica in this strain is responsible for an extremely pleasant and relaxing physical mood. This is the kind of load that you can use before the start of a hard day, when you would like a big burst of energy. Watch out for this strain. Brain intoxication can occur quickly and strongly, making it quite an intense intoxication. Definitely not recommended for beginners or those who prefer a more subtle experience. Trainwreck Feminized is a pleasure to smoke with its sweet citrus and spicy pine aroma. Its flavor is earthy like pine and has quite a pungent smell and taste. For connoisseurs of marijuana flavors, the spicy pepper flavor makes this a joy to smoke.

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, Trainwreck is a great strain to invest in. For outdoor cultivation, the best environment for the feminized version of the variety is a warm, sunny climate. The indoor environment allows Trainwreck to fully complete its flowering period within 8 weeks. For outdoor plants, wait two weeks longer. As can be expected from high sativa plants, this strain grows quite tall. However, the indica component means it also fills out quite nicely. Trainwreck is generally not difficult to achieve a high yield as the plants do not require as much attention as other strains.

How to identify a Trainwreck strain

The buds on the Trainwreck strain are thick and firm and you can tell by the color and trichomes. It has bright green calyxes with small brown pistils and large trichomes. You can also recognize this strain by its very pungent lemony, piney scent!

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Trainwreck Feminized Origin

Rather aptly named, Trainwreck feminized strain seeds have an exciting story to tell. About more than 30 years ago, two brothers from Arcata, an idyllic town in California, secretly cultivated cannabis, far from prying neighbors. The brothers lived near the railway and one night tragedy struck and a train derailed and crashed not far from their house. After the incident, the brothers quickly realized that their gardening activities would be discovered by the police as emergency services were about to rush to the scene. The two brothers quickly destroyed the hemp plantation except for one special plant. The plant later quickly became famous and became one of the most famous cultivars around the world. The main role in its qualities is played by the dominant Mexican and Thai sativa.

Germinating Feminized Trainwreck Seeds

Trainwreck feminized seeds are not only easy to grow, they are also naturally resistant to diseases that commonly attack cannabis plants. Research has also discovered several methods that you can use to germinate your cannabis seeds, but not all of them are suitable. Therefore, Premium Cultivars recommends the paper towel method, which is simple and affordable. This germination method has been shown to give satisfactory germination results. Below are some quick instructions on how the paper towel method works:

  • Get the Trainwreck seeds, a bottle of distilled water, a clean dinner plate, a pair of paper towels, and a pair of sterilized tweezers.
  • Soak two paper towels in water, but make sure they are not too wet.
  • Using tweezers, carefully pick out the seeds of the Trainwreck strain and gently place them on a damp paper towel.
  • Arrange the seeds neatly, leaving at least 1 inch of space between them.
  • Cover them gently with the remaining sheets of paper towels.
  • Store seeds somewhere warm and dark, such as a drawer or cupboard.
  • Leave them there for about 24 hours.
  • Monitor them regularly to keep them well hydrated.
  • Once a healthy taproot emerges from the seeds, carefully transfer them to the designated growing medium using tweezers.

Trainwreck feminized seeds

Premium Cultivars makes it easy for you to grow your own Trainwreck strain by offering Trainwreck seeds for sale. Our seeds are not only of high quality, but also very affordable. Interested in growing this legendary high yielding strain? Visit Premium Cultivars today to view our wide collection of Trainwreck seeds.

Use for Trainwreck

  • Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant hybrid with strong indica qualities. It is excellent at creating clear mental excitement while ensuring that you remain mentally emotionally and physically relaxed. It is one of the most stimulating yet gentle highs that will leave you feeling like everything is and will be fine. Think of it as the ultimate stress reliever.
  • Many things cause stress – including constant pain. This is why Trainwreck is popular with therapeutic users. The indica properties in this strain relax the body, while its cerebral effects leave you feeling good. Whether it’s a sleepless night or a day of ravaging migraines, this strain can put you in a better mental state.
  • There is also mental stress that can wreak havoc on the body. Fortunately, this hybrid is also useful for managing mood swings. When life is generally negative, Trainwreck is an effective way to turn that frown upside down. It can also help with focus, even for the most scattered brains.
  • Finally, Trainwreck will make you hungry. This can help with a lot of things, including severe lack of appetite caused by nausea or headaches caused by lack of food. Basically, if food could benefit you, Trainwreck can help.

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