Purple Haze


As stunning as it is hypnotic, her flamboyant and colorful aesthetic has propelled her into the top 10 strains. Rightly or wrongly praised in the 70s after the worldwide release of Jimi Hendrix’s hit, Purple Haze is imbued with psychedelia. Elevated to the rank of true rockstar by the hippie movement, this strain is one of a kind and wants to be transgressive. Love at first sight assured at first sight for this extraordinary muse who arouses all curiosity!

The CBD Purple Haze flower sails against the tide, its green and purple hues sometimes nuanced with bright blue mark the spirits and offer themselves as a true artistic work shaped by the expert hands of Mother Nature. Its fragrance is sumptuous, with very particular sweet, tangy, earthy, fruity and spicy fragrances that again suggest all its complexity. Its extravagant aromas are fruity, organic and spicy at the same time, the tasting is definitely colorful. Get ready to reach heights of creative elevation and relational ease thanks to the boost of energy and balance it provides.

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