Learn Why OG Kush Is The Godfather Of Strains

og kush

All about the OG Kush For Sale

OG Kush For Sale : OG Kush is the patriarch of today’s West Coast strains. Originally from Florida, where it gained a reputation as the best black market street weed, OG Kush came to Cali in the late 1990s. Cultivators used it to spawn beloved strains like GSC, Headband and SFV OG. This skunk-scented Indica-leaning hybrid remains a classic in its own right on the legal recreational market today.

What is it like to smoke OG Kush?

OG Kush has a spicy, hashish taste with a funky, skunky aroma. The smoke is harsh and can cause more coughing than other strains. The onset of ascension is felt quickly, the mind begins to wander and begins to make “connections“.

What are the effects of OG Kush?

OG Kush For Sale : OG Kush is best saved for use after work or in the evening. The high is deeply relaxing and you just won’t be able to continue working after smoking. However, OG Kush is also a great social load as your mind will remain light and carefree with a noticeably more positive mood. It is medically recommended for patients with anxiety and depression.

What are the parent strains of OG Kush?

The origin of OG Kush is a bit of a mystery as it was first cultivated for black market use. It appears to be derived from several strains, including Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush.

OG Kush – Famous strain

When it comes to potent indica strains, few strains are more popular than OG Kush. But what is OG weed? A longtime staple of the California and global cannabis scene, O.G. Kush is a strong hit of THC with a pungent smell of gasoline, pine and skunk. Although O.G. Kush has been ubiquitous throughout the weed world for over two decades, the origin of the strain’s name is still highly contested with many urban legends claiming the “OG” moniker. So now that we’ve delved deep into the original cannabis strain that carries the O.G. name, let’s look at some possible origins of the term O.G. Basically, we are here to give you some possible origin from where this term could have originated. So what about the O.G. stand for? Honestly, no one is quite sure what the real story is, but these are the most common stories regarding the meaning of OG weed:

What does OG mean in Weed?

Ocean cultivated

OG Kush For Sale : Like most cannabis stories, the first rumor about OG cannabis takes us to Northern California. After all, there are few things more synonymous with the Golden State than the sweet, wonderful cannabis you can find at pretty much any medical or recreational dispensary. The story goes back to the early 1990s when an old weed grower grew a particularly pungent Kush strain originally bred in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. One day, the farmer had a chance encounter with a local man who was boasting about a really good bud. After the grower saw—and smelled—his new friend’s weed, he immediately recognized it as the same strain he had been growing. When a stranger boasted that cannabis was so good because it was “grown in the mountains,” a knowledgeable grower politely corrected him, saying that it was actually “grown in the ocean” thanks to the strain’s Pacific coast birthplace.

As legend has it, this encounter (and subsequent smoke session) led the mountain grower to rename his Kush after an accidental fix. And as the bud strain became more and more popular, the story suggests the name had such a strong hold that it not only moved around the Emerald Triangle and Northern California, back to the strain’s SoCal birthplace in the San Fernando Valley, then eventually, across the globe.

What is the OG in OG Kush?


For our latest trip to the rumor mill, we headed across America’s northern border into Canada, where a now-defunct early 2000s cannabis website called OverGrown.com is sometimes credited as the actual inspiration behind the OG naming of OG Kush. Considering that the other two most popular legends about the meaning of OG weed date back to the early 90s, we find it hard to believe that the strain was actually named after a website. Although the vocabulary of cannabis strain names has expanded greatly in the age of the Internet, O.G. strain selection existed long before the days of dialing.

What are OG strains?

Regardless of which story about the origin and meaning of the O.G. in OG Kush, its legacy as a staple strain in the Southern California cannabis industry cannot be denied. Regardless of its true origins, THC-infused indica has become a popular strain for smokers around the world. In fact, OG Kush is so popular these days that breeders in every corner of the cannabis industry have used the “Ocean Grown” or “Original gangsta” strain to create some of the most popular hybrids on dispensary shelves. From SFV OGs and Larry OGs to Girl Scout Cookies and Runtz OGs, there’s a list of sought-after O.G. crisis. At the end of the day, marijuana’s historically outlaw nature and lack of concrete records mean there’s no way to really know what the OG in OG Kush stands for. Whether you’re on Team “Ocean Grown” or Team “Original Gangsta”, one thing is for sure: OG Kush is one of the best strains to smoke and will be around for a long time. OG Kush is a kind of legendary strain that even non-smokers have already heard of. Essentially the backbone of West Coast cannabis, OG Kush is arguably the ultimate hybrid strain. It meets you almost smack smack in the middle with myrcene and limonene terpenes predominating. When he first appeared on the scene in Florida in the early 1990s, he came to the west side of the US with some serious power. OG Kush is the parent of many global cannabis staples such as Headband, Ghost OG, Tahoe OG, Cherry OG and the very popular GSC (or Girl Scout Cookies.) By crossing some unknown Northern Californian strain with a Hindu Kush plant from Amsterdam, this unique hybrid strain was born.

The eclectic smell of a dive bar might best describe this sought-after strain. The aroma of sour hops swirling together with pine, wood and earthy aromas inflames your nostrils. An incredibly strong aroma meets a visual presentation of so many sparkling trichomes that you will instantly know the power of this strain. It is not something to be taken lightly. If you’re into numbers, this strain consistently delivers a THC percentage between 20-25%. The peppery and sour beer smell of this strain comes from the high level of myrcene present in it. Also found in thyme and lemongrass, this terpene is key to relaxation. Being one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, it’s no surprise that OG Kush has fallen into such favor. Since the dawn of cannabis consumption, strains that really cool you down have not lost their popularity.

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